Lord Tiruvanamalai Annamalaiyar swamy photo

Its a pigment printing

Its complete water proof,sun proof,dust proof

Depends upon frame, cost variation

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Product information:
Technical Details:
Frame : Synthetic + Touchwood photo frame (Korean made)
Colour : Wooden Brown, Gold line Brown, Gold Design Brown, Antic frame
Print : Pigment Print (complete water resistance) it was coated with cold lamination (non-reflection)
Wood : MDF
Its a pigment printing
Its complete water proof,sun proof,dust proof
Depends upon frame, cost variation
Product description:
Pigment can be used on almost all types of fibres substrates, we used 8 pigment ink to print in fibre media, it increase performance of a contain to print in Exclusive High Quality Finished which enhance the rich output like depth ,sharpness and live feeling of the picture
Pigment printing is complete water, smoke, sunlight and dust resistance, which can be cleaned with glass clean Colin, soap water etc... we can all type for thilakam (bottu) soon expect turmeric can be applicable and this print is long durable which don’t lose any sort of colour in long durability
Lavanya Pictures produce every single aspect should be correct form of god and goddess and follows with different elements like ‘Nista’( Pure contribution),
‘Niyama’ (religious observance),’Dharana (concentration),’Shaucha’ (internal & external Purity),’Santosh’(contentment),’Tapas’ (austerity) and ‘Svadhyaya’ (study of religious books and repetitions of Mantras) to enrich divinity to the world
* Above size is according the picture Proportionate
* Measurement in ("): inches , (' ):feet
* size of frame we selected For example 8x10: 1" frame then outer size 10x12 appox.
Frames Size:
* The above frames will be 1"(inches) frame can be done till 20x16 above then that we can do similar kind frame the design which you’re selected
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